Case Studies


For patients, it’s
all about the

Shaped a new understanding of disease onset and treatment using a patient-centric journey framework, and used resulting insights to accelerate product initiation and adherence.

Digital Health as
an enabler for
R&D? Yes!

Supported a “case for change” for drug development strategy and innovation, and drove it with a freshly-envisioned digital incubator + accelerator operating model.

Using machine learning to look further

Engaged by a precision medicine fail-fast team partnered with a prinicipal investigator to develop advanced algorithms to activate genetically determined, non-symptomatic patients.

Execution is the art of getting the team organized

Provided advanced program leadership across brand, product design, and engineering teams to accelerate drug-device combination product commercialization.

The first customers are always the hardest

Joined with a Silicon Valley startup to develop path-to-market and partnering strategies in the metagenomics space; identified first six customers for new sequencing platform.

Changing the discussion from efficacy to economics

Recruited by EVP Commercial of a cardiac ablation company to revamp market-facing health economics pitch aimed at hospital executives and administrative buyers.

Beyond the Pill also means going beyond the technology

Showed a clinical-stage product team how to pull new levers in patient services, value-based partnerships, and intellectual property to spur new forms of product lifecycle management.

Newly connected devices need new patient strategies

Developed a new customer strategy and path-to-market operational plans that supported the successful launch of a revolutionary home-based, wireless medical device.


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There are thousands of consultancies to choose from, across a dizzying array of sizes, types, and competencies. Spindle is a niche provider in the highly-specialized area of life sciences strategy and operations. We are innovation-oriented, customer-centric, and real-world focused. Our work is rooted in how patients, caregivers, providers, and payers behave in complex health systems. We are analytic and strongly data-driven. We are experts in digital health technologies and other disruptive trends driving new business models.